About Coco Peat

                 Coco Peat

Coco Peat / Coir Pith is the spongy material that binds the fiber in the coconut husk. It is produced as a bi-product when coconut husks are processed for the extraction of the fibers from the husk. Its air-filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it, an ideal growing medium for the plant crops. It is also used as a soil conditioner for all soil types. Because of its fibrous nature, it will break up the heaviest of clay soils, making it more friable and allowing free drainage. With the development of commercial horticulture, coco peat has become internationally recognized as an ideal soil amendment and component of soilless container media for horticultural plants. Coco peat finds use in propagation methods, hardening of tissue and embryo cultured plants, the hydroponic system of plant cultivation, cultivation of glass house plants, soil conditioning, lawn making, etc.



30*30*15 ± 1 cm


<15 %

Expansion Volume

70 to 80 liters per block

Compression ratio

5 : 01

Sieve Mesh / Size of mesh

6 – 8 mm

Sand / Impurities

< 4%

Block weight

4.8 to 5.2 Kilograms


<0.6 ms/cm

Quality Inspection

5 no’s sample inspection with inspection report for the mention specification


Option 1: Palletized stretch wrapped and strapped

Option 2: Stretch wrapped (5 blocks)

Option 3: Bare loading


40 ft container:
Bare loading – 4200 blocks (21 MT) (approx)

Stretch wrapping – 4200 blocks (21 MT) (approx)

Palletized – 4000 blocks 10 MT (approx)

20 ft container:
Bare loading – 2000 blocks (10 MT) (approx)

Stretch wrapping – 2000 blocks (10 MT) (approx)

Palletized – 1900 blocks 9.5 MT (approx)

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